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A component that is essential for the screw industry

A component that is essential for the screw industry. Screw fasteners have many specifications, appearances and materials. For example, our common screw head types include pan head, flat head, countersunk head, hexagon head, and large flat head.

We often say that the screws are customized according to the use of the product. This is indeed the case. What kind of head type and screw are required for the screw, then we need to reserve the slot according to the workpiece or both are gaps and require the head. What role does the ministry have to choose?

Combination screws, many buyers do not know what is called a combination screw, what kind of screw he is. Here is a brief introduction.

The function of the combination screw is also very simple, that is, the connection of the fastening product object, because the flat pad is good for the tooth on the screw, and the flat pad is not required for use. Moreover, in use, the combination screw has a particularly large function, that is, the anti-loose effect.

The advantage of the combination screw is that it saves the time for the manual matching of the flat pad, and also improves the screwing efficiency of some screws used by some electronic appliances and other manufacturers. There are some manufacturers that use a lot of screws. When you screw them, some products need to be used with flat washers. It is necessary to play flat pads one by one. This is very time consuming, laborious, and costly.



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