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Conical barrels are widely used as outer packaging products

Conical barrels are widely used as outer packaging products, which can be stacked during transportation and storage, which can greatly save transportation costs and storage space. At present, the substrate of the domestic tapered barrel product is in the thickness of O. 8mm-1.5mm, and the material cost accounts for more than 80% of the product cost. With the soaring prices of raw materials and the demand for social environment in recent years, people are increasingly calling for reductions under the premise of ensuring product quality. However, in the process of thinning the material of the tapered barrel substrate, in order to meet the structural strength of the tapered barrel in the application, the manufacturer now adds axial reinforcing ribs or radial reinforcing ribs to the tapered barrel, but this can only increase The axial pressure or radial pressure of the conical barrel can not completely solve the strength problem after the reduction of the substrate material, and is a bottleneck in the development of the thinner barrel material.

SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The object of the present invention is to reduce the working strength of the tapered barrel substrate material, and propose a conical barrel to realize the advantages of simple structure, high strength, strong load carrying capacity and low deformation. In order to achieve the above object, the technical solution disclosed in the present invention is a conical barrel, and the barrel wall of the conical barrel is provided with more than one reinforcing rib spiral upward from the bottom of the conical barrel. Further, the reinforcing rib is a rib or a rib. Further, the reinforcing rib is a spiral provided on the wall of the barrel. Further, the helix has a helix angle of 1° 89°, or 30° – 60°. The O. 8 O. 8mm, or O. 5 O. 8mm. Further, the reinforcing rib is a reinforcing rib integrally formed with the barrel wall.

The tapered barrel of the utility model has the advantages of simple, reasonable and compact structure, and has the following advantages compared with the prior art. The reinforcing rib on the tapered barrel of the utility model adopts the reinforcing rib from the bottom of the barrel of the cone barrel, and can simultaneously increase the cone The axial pressure capacity of the barrel and the radial pressure bearing capacity. That is, the tapered bucket of the utility model can greatly reduce the thickness of the barrel base material while satisfying the load bearing requirement, thereby achieving cost saving, reducing resource consumption, and reducing energy consumption and carbon emission.



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