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Do you know which part of the twin screw extruder barrel is seriously worn?

Do you know which part of the twin screw extruder barrel is seriously worn?

During the blending process of the inner wall and the twin-screw elements, plastic particles, auxiliary materials, and additives, the inner wall of the cylinder and the twin screw barrel elements are worn to different degrees by friction, especially when glass fiber filler is added, the inner liner of the cylinder Replace more frequently, sometimes even once every three months.

In modification companies, twin-screw extruders are equipment for mixing, kneading, melting, shearing, extruding and pelletizing plastic particles, auxiliary materials and additives, and are the terminal equipment for the production of special materials. Frequent replacement of the cylinder not only increases equipment costs, but also increases time costs and reduces production efficiency. This is undoubtedly a thing that needs improvement.

The barrel is one of the two major working parts of the twin-screw extruder, and the other is the screw. Only the barrel and the screw form a pair of friction groups, and the plastics, auxiliary materials and additives can be fully mixed. How to extend the service life of the cylinder, reduce the frequency of replacement, and at the same time meet the production needs of enterprises. We need to understand the factors that affect the service life of the cylinder and its wear principle to effectively solve this problem.



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