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Electric screw air compressor daily use precautions

Electric screw air compressor daily use precautions

Before installing the equipment, check whether the equipment is intact (whether the wiring terminals, piping and other accessories are loose and the housing is deformed). The installation site of the equipment should be moderately low and the dust should be low. The ambient temperature should be below 45 °C. If the ambient temperature is too high, the exhaust system should be increased. If the factory environment is poor, there are many dusts, and pre-filter equipment needs to be installed to maintain the service life of the air compressor system parts. The equipment installation site needs to be wide (more than 0.8 meters from the wall) for future maintenance. Equipment should be placed in a stable and hard place. When the equipment is distributed, the cable selection and air switch shall not be less than the design parameters.

If the distance between the electric field and the equipment is too long, the square of the cable diameter should be increased. The equipment operating voltage should be within the design allowable voltage range, and the national standard is ±5% of the rated voltage. When installing the main line of the equipment, it should not be directly higher than the air outlet of the equipment. It is necessary to prevent the condensate from flowing back in the pipeline. When the air compressor outlet pipe is connected by high-pressure hose, it should be noted that the connection between the two hoses must be tightly locked to prevent the high-pressure hose from loosening and falling off during use or movement, resulting in a safety accident. When connecting three-phase power, the grounding wire must be connected to prevent leakage and cause safety accidents. If the delivery is not started for more than half a year, add proper amount of lubricating oil from the intake valve (do not allow foreign matter to fall into the compressor to avoid damage to the compressor). When starting the machine, first discharge the condensate from the oil and gas tank (see that the lubricating oil flows out and close), and open the air valve outlet.



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