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How to choose the right screw screening machine?

How to choose the right screw screening machine?

1. Screening speed

Speed ​​determines production capacity. If a barrel screw machine is to be used to replace a large amount of human inspection, speed must be the primary consideration. There are divergent opinions among machine sellers in the market. Take M8 products as an example, ranging from a very low 200pic/min to 500pic/min. Basically, in addition to the feeding speed, the inspection content and the camera’s imaging speed also have a certain influence. Generally speaking, M8 products must be above 450pic/min under normal testing items to be considered qualified.

2. Screening accuracy

Most people think that to improve the accuracy, the camera configuration must be improved. In fact, the accuracy will also be affected by the light and the lens. Most industry operators will recommend that you buy a high-precision camera to improve the accuracy of the inspection, but in many cases, the appropriate light source and lens can meet customer needs, and don’t forget that a high-precision camera will increase the computer processing time and affect the inspection. speed.

3. Sharing

There are thousands of styles and sizes of fasteners and processed parts. When choosing an automatic screening machine, the industry also considers the style and sharing of parts. Some screening machines can only be applied to one product, or even to a single size, so that the investment of the industry cannot be brought into full play, nor can it achieve the main purpose of replacing manpower testing and saving costs. For businesses with diverse products, the cost is even more burdensome.

4. After-sales service and optical software

In addition to the usual machine customer service problems, it is also necessary to pay attention to the hardware warranty and software update capabilities. This problem is especially prone to occur on software with a high technical threshold. Most manufacturers outsource to other manufacturers, and often have nowhere to find help in the future processing speed or update timeliness. When choosing a screening machine, the industry must understand more about the problems arising from this aspect.

5. Test items

For the machines sold on the market, there will be no major problems in the basic size measurement. At present, few manufacturers can do the detection of defects (for example: head cracks, crushes, blocked teeth, deformation, etc.), but it is inevitable that the fasteners will have defects during the production process, and manual inspection is expensive. Resources often hurt the fastener industry. In fact, if the light is properly designed and designed according to the product characteristics, so that the product’s reflection of the light is correctly projected onto the lens, the above-mentioned defects such as crushing can be easily solved.

6. Integrity

In addition to the optical requirements of the screening machine, the structure of the mechanism design is also very important. Whether the feeding is smooth and whether the delivery of good products and the elimination of defective products after the inspection is completed are also a big factor in the purchase of the machine.



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