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How to prevent screw products from sticking into the mold?

The product is mainly stuck in the mold due to insufficient molding, insufficient ejection, insufficient injection and incorrect mold design. If the screw product is pasted into the mold, the injection process cannot be normal.

    (1) Mold problem: If the plastic pasting mold is caused by insufficient material injection, do not use the ejection mechanism; remove the reverse cut (trap groove);

    Remove chiseling, nicks and other scars;

    Improve the smoothness of the mold surface;

    The action direction of the polishing mold surface should be consistent with the injection direction;

    Increase slope

    Increase the effective ejection area;

    Change the ejection position;

    Check the operation of the ejection mechanism;

    In deep core-pulling molding, enhanced vacuum destruction and air pressure core-pulling;

    During the molding process, check whether the mold cavity is deformed and whether the mold frame is deformed; check whether the mold is offset when opening the mold;

    Reduce gate size;

    Add auxiliary gate;

    Rearrange the gate position, (13) (14) (15) aims to reduce the pressure in the mold cavity;

    Balance the filling rate of multi-mode slots;

    Prevent injection interruption;

    If the design of the parts is not good, redesign;

    Overcome the abnormal injection cycle caused by the mold.

    (2) Injection problem:

    ① Increase release agent or improve release agent;

    ② Adjust the material supply;

    ③ Reduce the injection pressure;

    ④Short injection time;

    ⑤ Reduce the full pressure time;

    ⑥ Reduce the mold temperature;

    ⑦ Increase injection cycle;

    ⑧ Overcoming abnormal injection cycle caused by injection molding conditions.

    (3) Material problems:

    ①Remove material pollution;

    ② Add lubricant to the material;

    ③Dry materials.

    (4) Equipment problems:

    ①Renovation and ejection mechanism;

    ②If the ejection stroke is insufficient, lengthen it;

    ③ Check whether the template is parallel;

    ④ Overcoming abnormal injection cycle caused by equipment. The product is pasted into the mold, and the injection process cannot be normal.



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