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Precision injection molding machines refer to molding machinery

Precision injection molding machines refer to molding machinery suitable for forming precision plastic products. How to measure or judge a precision injection molding machine?

Usually precision injection molding machines have two indicators: one is the repeated deviation of the size of the product; the other is the repeated weight deviation of the product. The former is difficult to compare due to the size and thickness of the product; the latter represents the comprehensive level of the injection molding machine.

Generally, the weight error of ordinary injection molding machines is about 1%, and the better machine can reach 0.8%. Below 0.5% is a precision machine, and less than 0.3% is an ultra-precision machine. As mentioned above, precision injection molding machines require product dimensional accuracy to be generally within 0.01 to 0.001 mm.

Many precision injection moldings also require injection molding machines to have:

1 high injection pressure, high injection speed;

The 2 clamping system has sufficient rigidity and clamping precision. The so-called clamping precision refers to the uniformity of the clamping force, adjustable, stable and repeatable, and the position accuracy of the opening and closing die is high;

3 The pressure, flow, temperature, metering, etc. can be controlled to the precise accuracy. Multi-stage injection can be used to ensure the reproducibility of the molding process and the repeatability of the product.



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