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Cold Feed Rubber Extruder Screw Barrel

Type: Rubber Extruder Screw Barrel

Specifications: Φ 45mm~ Φ 300mm L/D: 8~20

Brand name: JED

Product origin: Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province

Origin: Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province

Manufacturer: Zhoushan Jed Machinery Co., Ltd.

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Rubber Extruder Screw: Its function is to make the rubber material gradually become linear movement with the screw rotation movement, approaching to the direction of the head, and matching with the machine body to complete compression heat, softening mixing, and mixing rubber material.

Rubber Extruder Barrel: Containing screw rotating in the barrel. When the screw rotates the thread to push the extruded material to move forward, the external heating conducts heat to the material by the cylinder, coupled with the gradual reduction of the screw volume, making the material suffer several force such as extrusion, turnover and shear, finally the material is evenly mixed and plasticized into molten viscous flow to complete the plasticizing work.

Cold feed rubber extruder is an important equipment for rubber processing industry, and currently is widely used in the production and processing of tires, rubber hose, sealing rubber strip, wire and cable, waterproof materials and other products. Cold feed extruder screw is one of the core components in this kind of equipment, which determines the extruder performance parameters. As an advanced production form, cold feed extruder often has a long body, its length to diameter ratio (L/D) is from 8 to 20, and its good plasticizing effect, more uniform mixing, extrusion of the close finished product.





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