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Jed, film granulator screw barrel, guaranteed delivery, strong plasticizing

Application: Used for plastic granulator, extruder, injection molding machine

Place of Origin: Zhoushan,Zhejiang,China

Brand Name: JED

Material: 38CrMoAlA

Process: nitriding & bimetallic

Nitrided Hardness: HV960-HV1100

Nitrided Case Depth: 0.45mm-0.8mm

Nitrided Brittleness: Less than Grade 2

Surface Roughness: Ra 0.4

Screw Straightness: R0.015mm

Length diameter ratio: 1: (15-40)

Bimetallic alloy layer: 2mm-2.5mm

Product advantages: wear resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent plasticization, extrusion stability

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Product Introduction:

Plastic film granulator is a machine that uses high temperature and pressure to cut plastic film into particles. It is usually composed of one or more cutting tools, a heating device and a cooling device. When the plastic film is passed through the tool, the tool strips the film and forms small particles. The particles pass through a heating device into a heating chamber, where they are pressured at high temperatures and cooled in a cooling device. Structure of plastic film pelletizing machine: plastic film pelletizing machine is a kind of machine using plastic film to make particles. It can cut plastic film into particles and granulate the particles. During granulation, the particles become more rounded and smooth. Plastic film granulators can be used to produce plastic pellets of different sizes, shapes and colors. Dry film material pelletizing machine can be divided into dry making and water making, the two models are different, the waste plastic is classified, the waste woven bag is sent to the crusher for crushing, and then cleaned by the friction cleaning machine, the broken and cleaned material is put into the rinsing pool for rinsing, so that the impurities contained in the woven bag are separated, the impurities are precipitating, and the broken material of the woven bag is picked up for use by the dredging machine; The rinsed material is put into the main machine of the granulator through the feeding machine, through the extrusion, conveying, tumbling, heating and other procedures to achieve plasticized uniform extrusion, and then through the auxiliary machine extrusion strip, cooling after cutting. Plastic granulator is mainly used to manufacture recycled plastic particles. The working capacity and efficiency of plastic granulator equipment directly affect economic benefits. Therefore, some problems should be paid attention to when using plastic granulator to ensure the normal operation of plastic granulator. When using plastic granulator, it should be remembered that every time a single screw plastic granulator begins production, it is necessary to carefully check the inside of the barrel and hopper, and the debris and oil pollution on both sides should be removed in time.

Our company specializes in the production and manufacture of plastic film pelletizing machine important parts screw barrel, using the most advanced alloy spraying technology, precision processing, higher hardness, better corrosion resistance, with long service life, high yield and energy saving characteristics. Our company can design the screw with different length-diameter ratio according to the needs of customers and the different uses of the product, and provide design, transformation, customization and other services, and can repair and refurbish all kinds of worn barrel screw. “Excellence, innovation” is our enterprise spirit. “To provide customers with high quality products” is our business philosophy. Welcome new and old customers to negotiate consultation and exchange guidance, your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit and goal! For more information, please send email: or add wechat/WhatsAPP:+8613567672668.

Production process:

Screw processing production process: the design of the screw drawing – > select material – > tempering hardness – > rough machining – > conditioning qualitative (must take 24 h) — – > > fine processing – > gas vacuum treatment – > polishing – > fine grinding – > qc – > delivery.

Product advantages:

1,stable output.

2, quality is guaranteed, long service life, stable performance.

3, screw length to diameter ratio is large, plasticizing ability is strong.

Scope of application:

Plastic film granulator; Plastic film (such as PET, PE, PP, PVC); Printing PP film, PE film, LDPE film, HDPE film, BOPP film, waste agricultural film, packaging bags, debris mesh, etc. Film (soft material); Sheet (hard material); It is used for food packaging, auto parts, furniture, electronics, and other industrial purposes.





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