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Jed, injection extruder screw barrel, a variety of models, support customization, factory direct sales

Application: Used for plastic granulator, extruder, injection molding machine

Place of Origin: Zhoushan,Zhejiang,China

Brand Name: JED

Material: 38CrMoAlA

Process: nitriding & bimetallic

Nitrided Hardness: HV960-HV1100

Nitrided Case Depth: 0.45mm-0.8mm

Nitrided Brittleness: Less than Grade 2

surface Roughness: Ra 0.4

Screw Straightness: R0.015mm

Length diameter ratio: 1: (15-40)

Bimetallic: alloy layer 2mm-2.5mm

Product advantages: wear resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent plasticization, extrusion stability

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Product Introduction:

Plastic jetting-moulding machine or injection machine is also called injection molding machine, many factories called Pi machine , injection products called Pi parts.  It is the thermoplastic plastic or thermosetting materials using plastic molding mold into plastic products of various shapes of the main molding equipment.  In a cycle of the plastic injection machine, after heating and plasticizing a certain amount of plastic in a specified time, the molten plastic is injected into the mold cavity through a screw under a certain pressure and speed.  After injection, the molten material injected into the mold cavity is kept in shape.  The working principle of the injection molding machine is similar to the syringe used for injection. It is a process of injecting the plastic in the melted state (viscous flow state) into the closed mold cavity with the help of the thrust of the screw (or plunger), and obtaining the product after curing and shaping.

The plasticizing device of the screw injection molding machine is mainly composed of a feeding device, a cylinder, a screw, a gluing assembly and a nozzle.  The power transmission device includes injection cylinder, injection seat moving cylinder and screw drive device (glue motor).  General screw injection molding machine molding process is:  First adding granular or powdered plastic barrel, and with the rotation of the screw and barrel outer wall heating make plastic molten state, then the machine forward, clamping and injection nozzle with mold gate way, then access to the injection cylinder pressure oil, make the screw to move forward, thus at high pressure and fast speed will be within the closed mold injection melting temperature is low,  After a certain time and pressure to maintain (also known as pressure preservation), cooling, so that its curing molding, can open the mold out of the product (the purpose of pressure preservation is to prevent the mold cavity melt reflux, to mold cavity replenishment materials, and ensure that the product has a certain density and size tolerance).
The screw of injection machine manufactured by our company is made of high quality 38CrMoALA alloy steel, which supports personalized customization and has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent plasticization, energy saving and environmental protection.
Product advantages:
1, screw exquisite technology, high precision, wear resistance;
2, the use of nitriding, chrome plating, spraying alloy processing, with excellent physical properties, chemical properties;
3, high injection pressure and appropriate screw compression ratio design, forming effect is good;
4, the use of double circuit or three circuit design, in order to synchronize the composite action, shorten the forming time;
5, stable operation, low noise, energy saving and environmental protection;
Scope of application:
Various brands and uses of plastic extrusion molding machine, injection machine, injection molding machine, granulator, etc., widely used in national defense, mechanical and electrical, automobile, transportation, building materials, engineering plastics, packaging, agriculture, environmental protection materials, culture, education and health and People’s Daily life in various fields.





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