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Jed rubber extruder screw barrel, used for all kinds of extruder injection molding machine granulation machine, nitride electroplating spray alloy

Application:single screw barrel used for Extruder for rubber products Place of Origin: Zhoushan,Zhejiang,China Brand Name: JED Material: 38CrMoAlA Process: nitriding & bimetallic Nitrided Hardness: HV960-HV1100 Nitrided Case Depth: 0.45mm-0.8mm Nitrided Brittleness: Less than Grade 2 Surface Roughness: Ra 0.4 Screw Straightness: R0.015mm Length diameter ratio: 1: (15-40) Bimetallic: alloy layer 2mm-2.5mm Product advantages: wear resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent plasticization, extrusion stability

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Product Introduction:
 The special screw barrel of rubber extruder produced by our company can be used in a wide range and can be customized with different threads and structures. It is suitable for different types of rubber extruder equipment and has the advantages of large amount of extrusion and good plasticizing effect.
 Rubber extruder is a kind of basic equipment in rubber industry, which plays a very important role in the production process of tires and rubber products.  The development of rubber extruder has experienced plunger extruder, screw hot feed extruder, common cold feed extruder, main and auxiliary thread cold feed extruder, cold feed exhaust extruder, pin cold feed extruder, compound extruder and so on.  When the rubber extruder is working, the rubber material stirring, mixing, plasticizing and pressing in the barrel with the help of the rotating action of the extrusion screw, and then moving to the head direction, and finally extruding a certain shape of the product from the mouth.
 Hot feeding extruder can be extruded continuously, with simple operation, high production efficiency and stable shape of extruded products. In many production processes, hot feeding extruder is still used.  It is used for extruding all kinds of tread and all kinds of rubber in tire production, as well as for extruding package and billet in the production of rubber hose, cable and other rubber products.
 The emergence of cold feed extruder simplifies the production process, the feed rubber no longer needs hot refining, the rubber feed at room temperature into the extruder, you can get a variety of shapes of product gelatine.  It can completely replace the hot feed extruder, and can eliminate the plastic heat refining process, simplify the production process, and can make the head of higher pressure, to improve the quality of extruded products has a certain effect, so it has been widely used in the production of some products.
 Main thread and cold feed extruder appeared in 1970, its main thread is the same as the ordinary screw thread, the main structure is set up in the main thread slot vice thread has a certain height difference, while deputy thread on the pitch and the spiral rib height change, only allowed through the slit conveying rubber forward, so as to effectively eliminate the ordinary screw in the screw slot rubber “dead zones”,  It enhances the effect of plasticizing and mixing, but the mixing quality of the compound is not uniform, and the energy consumption is large.
 The research of pin technology, the pin is inserted into the screw slot radially from the circumference of the barrel, and the flowing rubber material is cut and stirred.  The glue becomes melt to flow in the screw thread at low shear rate, gradually forming continuous viscous fluid, which destroys the laminar flow and agglomerating phenomenon of the glue in the extrusion process, breaks the glue block, achieves the effect of good plasticization of the glue, low glue temperature and energy saving, and simplifies the production process.
 The emergence of cold feed extruder with pin makes the technology of cold feed extruder develop and improve greatly.  This not only on the structure of screw extruder has greatly improved, and increase the pin on the barrel, the plasticizing properties of rubber, the density of extrusion products, extrusion quantity has the very big enhancement, and exhaust temperature is low, can meet the requirements of a variety of production process of extrusion, at the same time due to improved the screw structure, drive down its driving power, the unit energy consumption is decreased obviously.
 MCT extruder is divided into feed section, transfer mixing section and discharge section along the screw axial direction.  In the transfer mixing section, the inner wall of the screw and the barrel has the opposite screw thread, the number of flow channels on the screw increases gradually, the depth of the thread decreases gradually, in the middle of the mixed transfer area reaches the extreme value gradually restored to the original state, in the process of increasing the screw flow channels, the number of flow channels on the inner wall of the barrel is opposite to the number of flow channels on the screw, and the depth of flow channels is opposite to the screw.
 In the rubber industry, the composite extruder is mainly used for the extrusion of tire composite tread, automobile sealing rubber strip, color force tire tread, rubber tube composite and plastic composite extrusion, and rubber plate multi-layer co-extrusion, etc.  Composite extrusion production process in the rubber industry is an advanced technology, it can according to the different performance requirements of products, using different formulations and properties of the rubber, through the composite extrusion equipment to produce not only can save material, but also can meet the needs of a variety of performance products.  Because in the production of bias tire and radial tire, tread, side and triangle rubber and other parts of the production, most of the rubber compound extrusion technology, so the domestic and foreign two compound, three compound or four compound pin cold feed extruder came into being.
 Cold feed pin extruder has become the mainstream of development.  The pin extruder has been widely used in the rubber industry of China, involving tread of tire, side of radial tire, bead glue, various hose and lining film, etc.  The machine used is imported and domestic, the screw diameter is 85mm ~ 250mm, the aspect ratio is 12 ~ 16.  The pin type cold feed extruder has many advantages over hot feed extruder and ordinary cold feed extruder.  It is widely used in rubber industry production, and its application is expanding.  Mainly used in radial tire tread rubber extrusion and rubber pipe production of core and coating production technology;  Half steel, all steel radial tire tread bias tire, steel wire, fiber cord calender and air tight film calender, rubber supply, filter and other rubber products production process.
 Product advantages:
 1. Good plasticizing performance, low discharge temperature, large amount of extrusion, low energy consumption.
 2. The meshing area of the threaded element has a large velocity gradient, so it is conducive to the full mixing of materials in the meshing area.
 3. In the material transport capacity and material mixing capacity and other aspects have better production capacity, more suitable for polymer processing.
 4. With the increase of the number of meshing areas, the material mixing ability is gradually enhanced;  The materials in the central area form a circulation, which promotes the mixing of materials in the central area and increases the mixing time of materials in the central area.
 Scope of application:
 Used for tire machinery including tire molding machine, tire coil machinery, tire vulcanizing machine, capsule vulcanizing machine, cushion belt vulcanizing machine, inner tube joint machine, inner tube vulcanizing machine, tire tire machinery, tire revision machinery and recycled rubber production machinery,  It can also be used for optical fiber, medical catheter, audiovisual film base, photographic film base, projection film, extrusion tread, inner tube, rubber hose and all kinds of rubber strip rubber machinery, coating cable and wire products and other machinery used to make tape, rubber hose, rubber shoes, model products, glue and latex products.  More than 60% of the world’s rubber is used in the manufacture of tires, so tire machinery plays an important role in rubber machinery.





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