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Jed,PP micro foam sheet extruder screw barrel, complete models, support customization, quality delivery

Application: Used for plastic granulator, extruder, injection molding machine

Place of Origin: Zhoushan,Zhejiang,China

Brand Name: JED

Material: 38CrMoAlA

Process: nitriding & bimetallic

Nitrided Hardness: HV960-HV1100

Nitrided Case Depth: 0.45mm-0.8mm

Nitrided Brittleness: Less than Grade 2

Surface Roughness: Ra 0.4

Screw Straightness: R0.015mm

Length diameter ratio: 1: (15-40)

Bimetallic alloy layer: 2mm-2.5mm

Product advantages: wear resistance, corrosion resistance, excellent plasticization, extrusion stability

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Product Introduction:

PP microfoam sheet material has unique advantages, density is greater than 0.45g/cm3 PP foam sheet has good bending resilience, not easy to deformation, in the folder field has a good application prospect; The density of 0.6g/cm3 PP foam sheet has good mechanical properties; It has a very broad prospect in the field of automotive interior decoration, which can be processed into carpet support materials, inverse light panels, sound insulation panels, luggage racks, interior decoration pieces, covers, speakers, etc. The density of 0.3g/cm3 PP foam sheet has good resilience and flexibility, suitable for packaging, insulation board and other fields. With the growing demand at home and abroad, packaging plastic thermoforming sheet is more and more widely used, the amount is also increasing year by year, the prospect is good. The “nanosheet” made of “nanoplastic” has become another focus of attention and a new “selling point” for manufacturers. In order to improve the shelf life and shelf life of food, the “sheet with high barrier performance” has become the target of each production enterprise.

With the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology and the concept of environmental protection, human beings no longer blindly emphasize the fear of nature, but advocate people-oriented and peaceful coexistence with the earth in a more scientific and reasonable way. Take the automobile field for example, at present, more and more enterprises begin to emphasize the lightweight of cars, hoping to achieve the purpose of energy saving and emission reduction. Microfoaming technology, as a lightweight technology, is attracting more and more attention from automobile manufacturers and material manufacturers. Using this technology, not only can reduce the density and weight, resulting in functional design, but also can save 5-20% of the material. If microfoaming technology can be described in two words, it is “popular”. At present, in addition to the full set of door panels of Land Rover, Shanghai Volkswagen, Changan Mazda, New Ying Lang and other cars, many cars are in the test and promotion of micro foaming technology.

Our company design and manufacture of PP micro foam sheet screw barral, has certain advantages in the industry, high output, good plasticization, feed stability, wear resistance and long life characteristics. The screw is designed with special mixing function and high plasticizing ability to ensure the uniform color of plastic melting and increase the extrusion amount.





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