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Left and Right Conical Rubber Twin Screw Barrel

Type: Rubber Extruder Screw Barrel

Specifications: Φ 450-Φ936

Brand name: JED

Product origin: Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province

Origin: Zhoushan City, Zhejiang Province

Manufacturer: Zhoushan Jed Machinery Co., Ltd.

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The left and right conical rubber twin screw is mainly used for smelting, pressing, slicing and other processing of large volume of lumped molten material, and made into the corresponding plastic strip.

For rubber extruder, screw and barrel are very important components, in order to play the role of barrel, the operator should master its use conditions and methods.

Heating mode

At present, the method of urgent heating is mainly resistance heating, and thermocouple is used to achieve the effect of segmented temperature control. Resistance heating uses electrical resistance to generate heat that heats the barrel, which then transfers heat to the raw material inside the barrel. This heating method has the advantages of small price increase, simple operation, low cost and easy maintenance. Of course, there are some other heating methods, which are not described here.

Heating power

When determining the heating power of the barrel, two points need to be considered. One is to meet the amount of heat used in material plasticizing, and the other is to take into account the productivity of injection molding to ensure that the temperature and speed of the barrel meet the requirements. Generally speaking, the heating time of small machines does not exceed 30 minutes. If it is large and medium-sized machines, the heating time is about 1hour.

Cooling way

Normally, barrel requires no additional cooling control system, the natural cooling can meet the needs of production, but in the use process if the inlet temperature is higher, it is prone to feeding difficulties, at this time to ensure the smooth progress of charging, it needs to install cooling in feeding mouth sets (tank), especially under the high speed running, the machine needs to be cooled and controlled.

In addition, when using the rubber extruder barrel, it is also necessary to do a good job of electrical protection. Before the operation, it should be checked whether the power supply line is bitten by rats, whether the plug part is in bad contact, and whether the voltage and current meet the requirements. After the operation, it should be determined that the power supply of the equipment has been disconnected.





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