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Rubber Screw Barrel

1.Material: 38CrMoAIA

Surface hardness: HV≥900

Nitriding depth: 0.5-0.8mm

2.Material: Special stainless steel

Quenching treatment, hardness: HRC55-58

Suitable for the screw which used for transparent plastic products and High corrosion plastic processing, prolong life of screw.

3.Material: Tungsten alloy Surface spraying, improve abrasion performance of screw 25-38000KN clamping force 30g-50000g injection unit  

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For good plasticizing effect, we have different design of screw barrel to meet customer’s demand.
Gradual type, mutant type, wave type, barrier type, double screen type, shunt type, separation type, exhaust type, pin type, mixed type, double-head type, three-head type, multi head type etc.

Material analysis for your reference
A. Powder alloy steel screw- ASP60、ASP30、ASP25、T15
B. –bimetal cladding screw: parent material–YPT72, DAC-MAGIC, 4 Cr5MoSiV1
B-1. –ceramics screw and application: –plus fiber, — fire retardant, flame retardant engineering plastics, ceramic, magnet powder
B-2. –magnet powder screw and application: – plus fiber, fire retardant, flame retardant engineering plastics, ceramics, magnet powder
B-3. –halogen free materials screw and application: – super wear resistance, high corrosion resistance, suit for halogen- free +50%GF materials use
B-4. –PTFE( Polytetrafluoroethylene ) special screw and application: — 300 degrees to 1200 degrees high temperature wire high temperature pipe and other products production
B-5. –nitrogen Teflon special screw and application: — excellent resistance to acid and anti-corrosion function
C –imported alloy steel hard screw and application
C-1;   EFZD alloy steel hard alloy screw
C-2;   DC53 full hard screw
C-3;   SKH-9/ 51 ( M2, W6 ), SKH-55 ( M35 ), SKH-59 ( M42 ), W18Cr4V, YXMI alloy steel hard screw
C-4;   SKD61, SKD11 alloy steel hard screw
C-5;   GH113 [ new ] full hard steel t applied to tetrafluoroethylene ( Teflon F46 ) 300-1200 high temperature wire, pipe and other products.
D–stainless steel screw : Use Japan raw material HPM38, S136, SUS440, 9Cr18mov, etc.

Identify that processing materials, hardness HRC , equipment rigid (value), quantity, can according to graph according to kind grinding molding Angle and requirements size tolerance. A batch is the productions, can completely replace the international first-class products, with the high ratio!
With advanced comprehensive production system, has all kinds of precision technology production processing ability and to achieve high efficiency, low cost of applications.
From six axis, seven axis CNC processing of linkage (class A) high-end products to three axis, four shaft production (grade B) end products, different levels of quality and price. Professional alternative first-class industrial goods, special, non-standard, unique shape, and new products, high ratio of performance in large quantities of research and development, production and processing, according to graph according to kind design improvement, can greatly reduce the comprehensive cost !

Screw & barrel use material

Raw materialThe finished product processing requirements
38CrMoAIA, SACM645Nitriding treatment
Cr12MoV, Cr12Alloy steel
38CrMoAIA, SACM645, 40Cr, AISI4140, 42CrMoBimetallic of the inner hole centrifugal casting
GH143, GH169/Inconel718, GH3030, GH5K;
300-1400 temperature, nature hard after high temperature

Specification parameter

Amount of injection (g)Screw diameter*length
Barrel diameter *length (mm)Amount of injection (g)Screw diameter *length
Barrel diameter*length (mm)

Material of screw

38CrMoAIA, SACM645, 42CrMoNitriding treatment
42CrMo, AISI 4140Hard chrome coated layer
Cr12MoV, SKD11, SKD61, YXMI, EFZD, DC53, SKH55, SKH59, SKH58, SKH51, SKH-9, ASP60, ASP30, ASP25, CW6Mo5Cr4V2High frequency quenching
4Cr5MoSiV1, SKD-61, SKD-11Spraying bimetal alloy layer and nitriding treatment
YPT72, DAC-MAGIC, 4 Cr5MoSiV1Whole bimetallic cladding stainless steel
HPM38, SI36, SUS440, 9Cr18MoVHigh frequency quenching
GHII3, GH132/ GH2132/A-286; GH145/InconelX-750, GH143, GH169/Inconel718, GH3030, GH5K300-1400 temperature, nature hard after high temperature

Screw & Barrel Use Material

1. Material: 38CrMoAIA
Nitriding treatment. Surface hardness: HV≥900
Nitriding depth: 0.5-0.8mm
2. Material: Special stainless steel
Vacuum quenching treatment, prolong life of parts.



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