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Video introduction

PVC shrink film extruder screw


The screw section has the screw groove fixed depth, its main functions are mixing, melting glue output and delivery, measurement, and it must provide enough pressure to keep melting glue uniform temperature, stable flow of molten plastic and measuring section length to ensure mixing effect better. If the measuring section is too long, the melt will stay too long and produce thermal decomposition. Too short will make the temperature uneven.


L/D = screw working length (MM)÷ screw diameter (MM)

Screw compression ratio = feeding tooth depth (MM)÷ measuring tooth depth (MM)


1) large screw length-diameter ratio, strong plasticizing ability, uniform temperature distribution, automatic temperature control, the produced film is bright and uniform with good use of performance.

2) Rotating heads can be configured according to users’ needs.

3) Various forms of crimp can be selected arbitrarily.

4) advanced frequency conversion technology, high efficiency and energy saving;



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