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Video introduction

Screw barrel of cable extruder

Breif introduction:

Screw diameter 22 mm to 250 mm

Screw length up to 5000 mm in one piece and 9000 mm in Two piece.

Barrel OD upto 350mm.


EN41B Nitriding steel (Musco) (default), German Imported 41CrMoAl7 Equivalent, China’s 38CrMoAlA also available on special request.

Hardfacing alloy- Stellite and Colmonoy

Hardfacing Superalloys – Inconel, Hastelloy

Gas nitriding: Thickness from 0.5 to 0.7 mm, hardness ~ 60-75 HRC ~ 1000 HV.

Plasma Nitriding on special request also available.

Hardchrome plating as default process in all screw.

Bimetallic treatment with HSS M type or Tool steel D2.

Ultimate solution for abrasive and wear resistance WCNi Carbide Matrix composite with 88% Tungsten

Method: HVOF, HVAF, TPA, Sprayweld, Sintering

Low smoke zero halogen (LSZH, LSOH for short) is the material classification of wire sheath in wire and cable industry. The low smoke halogen-free wire sheath is composed of thermoplastic or thermosetting materials with low smoke emission when heated and free of halogen.

Most of the network wire cladding is composed of polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride or thermoplastic polyurethane. If it catches fire, the plastic containing chlorine will release toxic hydrogen chloride. If it encounters water, it will produce hydrochloric acid. Low smoke halogen-free materials will not release hydrogen halide or other acids when on fire.

Low smoke halogen-free materials can reduce the toxic and corrosive gases generated during their combustion. Low smoke halogen-free materials are often used in poorly ventilated environments such as aircraft, train carriages or ships. Low smoke halogen-free materials are also widely used in the railway industry, because there will be high-voltage lines or signal lines transmitting train positions under the railway. The use of low smoke halogen-free materials also reduces the toxic gas accumulated when the line is damaged by fire or short circuit.

For example, in the railway industry or shipbuilding industry, a very important demand is to protect personnel and equipment from toxic and corrosive gases. In these occasions, it is required to use low smoke and halogen-free materials for the outer layer of wires and cables.

The low smoke halogen-free wire and cable screw structure produced by the company has ordinary type and high separation rate, and the length diameter ratio is 25:1, 26:1 and 28:1. It has the advantages of large extrusion volume, uniform extrusion, local temperature rise of screw, small diameter fluctuation of production line, stable extrusion and so on. Undertake surveying and mapping processing, picture providing processing, design processing.



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