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Screws also known as screws are used in large quantities in the fields

Screws, also known as screws, are used in large quantities in the fields of electrical appliances, furniture, automobiles, construction, etc., and are used in large quantities. The screw production equipment required for the entire screw production process is roughly divided into: a wire drawing machine, a cold heading machine, a boring machine, etc.; the following describes the production process:

Generally, a process before picking is pickling. In order to remove the oxide film on the outer surface of the wire, a surface of the phosphate film is formed to minimize the appearance of the wire and the scratch of the mold. After the wire unit is pickled, the required wire diameter is drawn by a wire drawing machine. Suitable for large screws, nuts, self-tapping screws for the required length of wire.

For ordinary self-tapping screws, the first thing is to start molding, usually through a two-shot process. Head forming can be a countersunk head, a round head, a large flat head, an outer hexagon, a hexagon socket, etc.;
Blocking: After moving the movable scissors in one direction, cut the wire stuck in the cutting die into the desired blank.

One punch: the die is fixed, and a die starts to shape the product head so that the next stroke can be completely formed. When the product is a slash groove, a die is a concave, elliptical groove, and when the product is a cross groove, a die is a concave square groove.



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