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Video introduction

Small extruder for experiment

Ø20/28 Technical part of extruder testing machine

1、Φ20/28 extruder

  • Screw diameter:                                              Φ20
  • L/D  :                                                                28:1
  • Drive motor power(Domestic servo motor):3.0KW
  • Barrel heating area :                                        3 zone X 0.7Kw/220V
  • Screw speed rating :                                        75rpm
  • Max output about :                                           5KG/H

Screw barrel use excellent 38CrMoAlA, surface nitriding treatment, nitriding depth 0.3-0.6mm, screw structure is suitable for PP PET extrusion.(Screw can be customized according to raw materials.)

2、Main configuration:

1) The motor adopts domestic servo motor, and the reducer adopts NMRV series.  

2) The barrel is heated by ceramic heating ring at room temperature ~ 300C;  

3) There is a water cooling device in the feeding area.  

4) Temperature measuring element use PT100;  

5) The protective cover adopts Q235 plus thermal insulation cotton;  

6) The center height of the extruder head is 210mm. Equipment color: to be determine   

7) Spare parts: a heater, a platinum resistance, a screw disassembly tool.  

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