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The central air conditioner of the screw chiller is a unit designed

The central air conditioner of the screw chiller is a unit designed by a proprietary screw rotor type. It mainly drives the compressor rotor directly by the motor. The double circuit design, the stepless adjustment of the compressor capacity and the electronic expansion valve are automatically activated by the high sensitivity temperature sensor. Adjust the chilled water, the evaporator water temperature can be as low as -12 °C, and the condenser water temperature can reach 63 °C. The water source heat pump system can make full use of a variety of renewable low-temperature heat sources for heating and cooling, greatly reducing heating costs and saving economy. The structure is compact and the installation is convenient and quick.

Classification of screw type hot and cold water units

According to the cooling form: 1) air cooling system: air-cooled heat pump system; 2) water cooling system: conventional water (cooling tower) system, water source heat pump system, ground source heat pump system (soil source, surface water, groundwater);

According to the form of the evaporator: 1) dry screw chiller; 2) liquid screw chiller;

According to the type of compressor: 1) screw chiller; 2) scroll chiller, of course, centrifugal, piston and so on.



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