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The granular plastic in the hopper of the injection molding machine

The granular plastic in the hopper of the injection molding machine falls into the feeding port of the cylinder, and the heated barrel and the rotating screw generate shearing heat, and the granular plastic is melted into a viscous flow state, and is continuously sent from the feeding inlet of the cylinder to the front end of the cylinder.

· Pushing the screw forward through the injection cylinder, so that the molten plastic at the front end of the barrel is pushed out into the closed mold, filling the mold cavity, and solidifying by pressure to form the shape given by the mold cavity. After the mold is opened, the product is removed, and the product is taken out from the mold. This is an operation process of injection molding.
The injection seat is connected with a screw and a hydraulic motor, and the injection cylinder is installed on the two sides of the feeding seat and is coupled to the injection seat. The screw is mounted on the injection seat and coupled to the hydraulic motor drive shaft, and the other end enters the barrel through the feed seat.

The feeding seat is also equipped with a hopper, which is divided into a general hopper and a drying hopper. The drying hopper has a fan, and the fan sends the wind into the resistance heating chamber. After the cold air passes through the heating chamber, the dry hot air is sent out, and the hot air flows from the lower part of the feeding hopper to the air outlet above the feeding hopper, so that the granular plastic in the drying hopper is from bottom to top. Dry.

The feeding gauge is to control the amount of pre-molding and injection volume. The screw has a screw body, a retaining ring and a screw head. The screw acts to convey the plastic mixing plastic. The anti-back ring prevents the molten plastic from flowing back during the injection. The hydraulic motor drives the screw to rotate, and the injection cylinder pushes the screw before and after. mobile.

The nozzle head is coupled to the barrel, and the nozzle port is pressed against the mold gate by the advancement of the injection cylinder, and the molten plastic is injected into the mold cavity through the nozzle to form the product. Therefore, the main function of the injection device is to plasticize plastic particles, store the molten plastic and inject it into the mold through high-pressure and high-speed.



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