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The screw pump is a positive displacement rotor pump

The screw pump is a positive displacement rotor pump, born in 1931. Unique structure, self-priming ability, high efficiency, small size, reliable operation, can transport a variety of media with a wide range of viscosity. Screw pumps are divided into single screw pumps, twin screw pumps, three screw pumps, etc. What is their working principle? What are the characteristics? The selection methods and techniques are also different. Do you know these?

The working principle of the screw pump is to use the rotation of the screw to suck and drain the liquid. The intermediate screw is an active screw, which is driven by the prime mover, and the screw on both sides is a driven screw, which rotates in reverse with the active screw.

The screws mesh with each other, and the screw is closely fitted to the inner wall of the liner, and is partitioned into one or more sealed spaces between the suction port and the discharge port of the pump. With the rotation and engagement of the screw, these sealed spaces are continuously formed at the suction end of the pump, the liquid in the suction chamber is sealed therein, and continuously pushed from the suction chamber in the axial direction of the screw to the discharge end, which will be enclosed in each space. The liquid is continuously discharged.



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