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The screw unit products have always been praised as the noble

The screw unit products have always been praised as the “noble” in the refrigeration unit. Because of its high operating efficiency, good refrigeration effect, less wearing parts and low failure rate, the market share has been increasing rapidly year by year. Because the screw unit has a certain threshold in terms of technical content, not everyone can operate, so many people can only be discouraged. Today, the Refrigeration Express reporter will share with you that in the daily refrigeration project, the screw unit has insufficient cooling capacity and solutions, so that more people “fall in love” with the screw unit.

When the screw unit has insufficient cooling capacity, you can check if the filter is blocked. The blockage of the filter includes: suction filter blockage and dry filter blockage. This kind of problem is solved very well, just clean and clean.

Self-control valve parts should be carefully investigated

It is possible to first observe whether the expansion valve is too small or too large. This reason can be solved by adjusting the amount of water and opening the cooling tower. The problem of leakage of the filling agent in the expansion valve of the expansion valve can be repaired and replaced. A dirty or blocked ice valve can be solved by cleaning. Solenoid valve damage can be resolved by replacement and repair.

For the self-control valve parts, Mr. Jia Zengxi suggested that the use of reliable products of well-known brands is more secure for the normal operation of the screw unit. For example, Weifang Sanjiu Heating and Cooling Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. uses the expansion components such as expansion valves, check valves and economizers of international famous brands (Danfoss or Parker) in the refrigeration unit to ensure the unit is widely used. Efficient and reliable operation within the working conditions. The high precision of the high-quality valve components will inevitably improve the overall reliability of the unit and also reduce the hidden dangers of insufficient cooling capacity.



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