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The screws on the car are not as tight as possible

The screws on the car are not as tight as possible, and the screws in different positions have different torque requirements. Different strength screws have different torque requirements. After the standard torque is reached, continue to twist the screw or the wire, or the screw is stretched or broken, which will shorten the service life of the component, or cause resonance, abnormal noise, engine damage and so on. Therefore, the screws must be twisted according to the manufacturer’s specified torque parameters during maintenance. For example, a torque wrench can be used to tighten the screws.

There are many types of torque wrenches. The common ones are pointer type torque wrenches with scale indication and twisted screws for reference. There is also a prefabricated torque wrench that can preset the wrench torque according to the screw torque requirements. When the torque of the screw reaches the set torque, the wrench will have a squeaking sound warning, prompting the operator not to continue to use force, so as to avoid damage to the screw. Screws of different diameters and even coarse teeth have different torque requirements. The tightening torque requirements for automotive screws are as follows:

The specific torque can be consulted in the maintenance manual, and it is not allowed to increase the torque at will. The first step in auto repair is to screw the screws. The experienced master can twist the screws with the feel of the hand. For example, many masters do not need torque wrenches when overhauling the engine, or only use key parts. The master who just got started must follow the standards and be more secure.



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