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Twin-screw extruder is a commonly used equipment for modified

Twin-screw extruder is a commonly used equipment for modified plastics manufacturers. The feeding section of the barrel is mostly water-cooled, and the flange is locked with the second cylinder (heated). The heat can be continuously from the cylinder with high temperature. Conducted to the cold cylinder. This causes the second stage cylinder to not maintain sufficient temperature. Typically, the operator sets a temperature of 180 ° C in the second stage of the barrel, but due to the heat loss of the feed section, the actual stability typically does not exceed 135 ° C.

The simplest solution is to add 1-2 1mm thick insulation pads between the feed section and the second section of the barrel flange, and replace the insulation gasket several times because the insulation gasket is aging. The tendency to degrade and shrink.

It is known that turbulent flow in a pump can result in more heat exchange between the walls than laminar flow. Turbulence in high pressure transmission has a high degree of lateral momentum exchange, which breaks the boundary layer. As a result, intense fluid motion causes much greater heat exchange between the tube wall and the fluid. The extruder cooling cycle system typically provides a pressure of 20-60 psi. In order to achieve turbulence, it is best to achieve a pressure of 120 PSI. Almost all of the cooling system components (hose and valves) of the extruder are upgraded to 150 PSI to meet the safety factor of 120 PSI. The cooling system can discharge a large amount of heat in time when the transformation is completed.



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