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What are the common options for automatic screw machines

What are the common options for automatic screw machines

Nowadays, assembling and manufacturing enterprises have long used a machine with a high level of automation to replace slow manual equipment for fast and accurate automatic barrel screw locking of objects, referred to as “automatic screw/lock/drive” “Screw machine” can be divided into three-axis, four-axis and multi-axis according to the processing complexity of the process. There are single-head double-headed, single-station double-station, and countless!

1. Handheld automatic locking screw machine

The hand-held automatic screw-locking machine can free one hand out, just align one hand with the screw hole and lock the screw. After locking a screw, just lift the screwdriver to align the next screw hole to lock the screw. The machine will automatically transport a screw under the batch nozzle when the screwdriver is lifted, wait for the next screw to be locked, and repeat.

2. Coordinate automatic locking screw machine

The coordinate automatic screw-locking machine automatically completes the product lock and payment according to the set coordinates. Up to 4 electric batches can be locked on the Z axis at the same time, which greatly improves production efficiency. To replace the product, just by modifying the coordinates of the lock payment point, the operation is very simple. Two Y rails can be operated at the same time, and the product can be locked and paid on one side, and the other side can be taken and placed immediately, which greatly saves labor and operation time.

3. Multi-head automatic locking screw machine

The multi-head automatic locking screw machine can be designed to include a human-machine interface according to needs. The feeding method usually adopts manual feeding, machine feeding, and manual control of the start and stop of the screw machine. It is usually suitable for larger products. Multiple screws can be locked at one time, which greatly improves the efficiency of locking. Multi-head automatic screw-locking machine features: several electric batches work at the same time, which can replace multiple workers; high degree of automation. The operation is simple, and the staff can quickly master the operation and debugging. One worker can manage several machines at the same time. Save labor; precise torque. It is convenient to adjust and guarantee the locking quality.



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