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Whether it is a single-screw extruder or a twin-screw extruder

Whether it is a single-screw extruder or a twin-screw extruder, the screw is cantilever mounted in the barrel of the extruder, and the screw pushes the material to the discharge port in a rotating state. During the entire conveying process, the stream continuously receives the heat energy transmitted from the wall of the barrel, and continuously obtains the shear heat obtained by the shearing action of the screw. Under the action of these two thermal energy, the polymer material is rapidly or plasticized or reacted.

All the analysis of the conditions of the screw conditions of the extruder barrels is inseparable from the analysis of the basic conditions of the plastic material being plasticized in the extruder.

Since the screw cantilever is installed in the barrel of the extruder, there must be “contact wear” between the metal material of the screw surface of the extrusion section of the screw and the metal material of the inner wall of the barrel, or it may be called ” Match wear”.

It is well known that “contact wear” between the same metal materials, or what can be said to be a two-way matching “friction pair” is the worst. For example, both the barrel and the screw are made of nitriding steel, and the same “nitride wear rate” is the worst with the same nitriding process.



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