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Parallel Twin Screw & Barrel

Material: 38CrMoAIA Nitriding treatment,
Surface hardness: HV≥900
Nitriding depth: 0.5-0.8mm
Base material: 38 CrMoAIA A, Special alloy is welded on the flight of screw, prolong life of screw.
Easy wearing parts of barrel made from anti-wear alloy can be improved abrasion performance.

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( Specification ): Φ60/2, Φ65/2, Φ70/2, Φ72/2, Φ75/2, Φ80/2, Φ85/2, Φ90/2, Φ93/2, Φ100/2, Φ105/2, Φ110/2, Φ115/2, Φ120/2, Φ125/2, Φ130/2, Φ140/2, Φ150/2, Φ160/2, Φ170/2, Φ180/2, Φ190/2, Φ200/2, Φ250/2

For good plasticizing effect, we have different design of screw barrel to meet customer’s demand.

Gradual type, mutant type, wave type, barrier type, double screen type, shunt type, separation type, exhaust type, pin type, mixed type, double-head type, three-head type, multi head type etc.

Scope of application: WPC PVC. WPC PE, Super high molecular sheet, 1/2 high Calcium buckle, 50-400 high Calcium pipe, 50-300 high Calcium Profile, soft PVC sheet, XPS-PVC etc.

PP、PE、ABS、PVC, raw material, pelletzing, pipe, profile, sheet etc.

Material of screw

Raw materialThe finished product processing requirments
38CrMoAIA, SACM645, 42CrMoNitriding treatment
42CrMo, AISI 4140Hard chrome coated layer
4Cr5MoSiV1, SKD-61, SKD-11Spraying bimetal alloy layer and nitriding treatment
HPM38, SI36, SUS440, 9Cr18MoVHigh frequency quenching
GHII3Nature hard after high temperature

Screw & Barrel use material

Raw materialThe finished product processing requirments
38CrMoAIA, SACM645Nitriding treatment
Cr12MoV, Cr12Alloy steel
38CrMoAIA, SACM645, 40Cr, AISI4140, 42CrMoBimetallic of the inner hole centrifugal casting
GHII3Nature hard after high temperature

Technical parameter

ModelMotor power
Screw dia.
L/DScrew rotation speed
PVC Production

The production of high profile PVC, PVC pipe with large bore, and WPC extrusion requirments of research and development, with the small shear rate, soft compressed, and the material is resist to compose, the good plasticzing, high output, wide application range, high reliability.

Confirm the material being processed, HRC, value, quantity, according to drawings and samples requires grinding forming angle and tolerance. Mass production is now only, can completely replace the international first-class products, is highly cost-effective.

With the advanced integrated production system, and all kinds of precision technology production and processing capacity, it can realize high efficiency, and low cost application.

From the six axis, seven axis CNC machining high-grade products to the three shaft, four axis production middle grade products, different levels of quality and price. Professional alternative to first-class industrial products, special, non-standard, special-shaped, new products in large quantities, the high cost of research and development, production and processing, according to drawings and samples to improve the design, can greatly reduce the comprehensive cost.

Please provide samples or requirements about dimensions and tolerances of, semi-finished and finished products, the equipment, equipment value RMB ( to judge its rigidity and jumping), the monthly consumption quantity, the current screw are using HRC and so on.





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